Marijuana and its beneficial effect on Anorexia

Anorexia is also canned as anorexia nervosa and is a disease where the affected person will lose weight drastically. The disease is partly psychological. The affected person will keep losing weight and they will not be able to eat any of the foods that are usually consumed. This can White Berry marijuana seedslead to severe loss of weight and can even be fatal of immediate treatment is not provided. Usually counseling and energy boosting drugs are given as treatment.

Marijuana has been shown to have a wonderful effect on the people who suffer from anorexia nervosa. This disease can be treated in many ways by medical marijuana as shown here.

  1. Boosts energy: When there is a boost in energy levels of a person, they are able to function at near normal levels. The main sign and symptom of the disease is that the person who is affected by this disease will not have any energy to function at an optimal level. The use of medical marijuana as treatment will ensure that the energy levels of the person are boosted. This will help the individual to function with their full strength and vigor.
  2. Reduces disease status: The other effect that marijuana has on the persoChrystal marijuanan who is suffering from anorexia nervosa is that it will reduce the effects of the disease. When the effects of the disease are reduced, it will help the person in eating more. The disease can cause the person to think of their weight constantly and it makes them pathological dieters. This means that they will diet so much that it can cause disease in them. Such mental disorders can be overcome by medical marijuana, mainly by boosting the mood of the affected person.
  3. Elevates mood: The mood of the affected person is boosted with the use of medical marijuana. Since the disease is caused by a problem of the mind, the mental affliction should be controlled and his is done by elevating the mood of the person. The depression, anxiety and stress of the person who is suffering from this disease are all removed with the use of medical marijuana. When their mood is boosted and elevated, it helps in boosting the chances of the person getting rid of the disease and increasing their weight.

Research has already been done on the effects of marijuana on anorexia nervosa. The results show that there is a definite increase in weight of the affected people after they have used a course of medical marijuana for four weeks.

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