Get rid of Acute Gastritis with Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is a very useful medication in the treatment cancer or acute gastritis. It needs to be given in small doses as early as possible to get rid of the disease. Though medical marijuana is very useful in the treatment of several chronic diseases, it is also useful in getting rid of acute gastritis.

Symptoms of acute gastritis that are relieved with the use of medical marijuana:

  1.  Vomiting
  2.  Nausea
  3.  Abdominal pain
  4.  Loss of weight
  5. Diarrhea

Ways in which medical marijuana helps in getting rid of the common symptoms of acute gastritis:

1. Vomiting: Vomiting is usually caused because of the feeling of nausea. It could also be caused because of indigestion. The nausea feeling is prevented when medical marijuana is used. Similarly, when this medicine is used, it helps in improving body functions like digestion and thus vomiting is prevented.

2. Nausea: Nausea mainly occurs because of the disease process. It could occur also when the brain functions abnormally. In acute gastritis, nausea occurs mainly because of the inflammation in the gut. This prevents normal functioning of the digestive system. To get rid of nausea, small doses of medical marijuana need to be used on a regular basis.

3. Abdominal pain: Medical marijuana is a very effective pain killer and is commonly used in several chronic diseases. It is also effective in acute conditions where pain is a symptom. So, it is used as a treatment of acute gastritis. This medicine interferes with the pain pathway and relieves pain sensation.

4. Loss of weight: Loss of weight can occur rapidly in acute gastritis. This is because the affected person will not be able to eat any food because of nausea. Even if there is some food consumed, the person may vomit it out. So, when medical marijuana is used, it helps relieve nausea and vomiting. This helps the affected person to prevent loss of weight and instead gain weight.

5. Diarrhea: Diarrhea is a common problem in many patients suffering from acute gastritis. The main reason for diarrhea is that the consumption of foods can cause the ingestion of certain microorganisms and this can start an episode of diarrhea. The use of medical marijuana, which is a very effective bactericidal drug, will help in killing the various microorganisms that cause diarrhea.

The regular use of even small doses of medical marijuana will help in getting rid of acute gastritis. The only aspect that should be remembered by patients is the right strain of marijuana should be used to relieve acute gastritis.

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