Marijuana – Excellent treatment to fight cancer

Cancer kills many thousands of people each year. It also causes a high rate of disability in many people. With increased morbidity and mortality being seen because of cancer, the search is heating up for finding a very safe and effective drug to fight this disease. Though many herbal therapies, alternate medicines have been tried, none of them are as effective like chemotherapy and radiation therapy in killing the cancer cells. For the first time, research has shown that medical marijuana may be as effective as chemotherapy in getting rid of this disease, but without the side effects.

There are several benefits that a cancer patient will get when medical marijuana is used. These benefits are listed here:

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    Wonder Woman feminized marijuana – cancer free?

    Pain relief: Cancer is usually associated with pain. Pain can be present at the site of the tumor or it could be present in any other part of the body, where it is called as referred pain. Pain relief is possible with the use of medical marijuana.

  2. Inflammation prevention: Cancer spreads with any inflammatory reaction. Marijuana is an anti inflammatory drug. Since it fights against inflammation, medical marijuana helps in reducing the effects of cancer.
  3. Depression and other related problems: Depression, anxiety, increased stress are all present when a person suffers from cancer. These can be overcome with the use of marijuana. This drug helps in mood elation and also helps in increasing sleep in the affected people. Improved sleep will help in reducing stress and anxiety levels. Mood elevation can help in fighting against depression. So, those who are sad and feel helpless because of cancer can use small doses of marijuana to get rid of these problems of the mind associated with cancer diagnosis.
  4. Cancer cells: The cancer cells themselves can be reduced in size or killed effectively with the use of medical marijuana. The cancer cells are usually killed only with high doses of combination therapy. When marijuana is consumed, even in small doses, there is a marked change in the size of the tumor. The tumor becomes smaller and in some people, it can even completely disappear. This is why more research is being done to determine if this new medication fights and eliminates all kinds of cancers.

Medical marijuana seems to be a highly effective drug in the fight against cancer. Soon, it may replace all other drugs in the fight against cancer. Higher doses of the drug for a longer duration could lead to complete elimination of cancer in all those who suffer from this disease.