Lemon Kush THC Level – Plant Specifications ,Effects & Medical Uses

Lemon Kush is a very fresh and citrusy strain of marijuana. It is interesting to learn about the specifications of this strain. There is disputed information regarding the genetics of lemon Kush. One of the views states that it is a cross between Master Kush and Lemon Joy. These combinations vary with different breeders. According to the data of breeder Alien Genetics, Lemon Kush is a hybrid strain obtained by a cross between Lemon G and Afghan Kush. Lemon Kush is a perfect hybrid with an equal balance of Indica and Sativa. The most unique feature of this strain is the THC level which is very high almost 26%.

Plant Specifications:

The genetics of the plant may be disputed but what is universal to this strain is its enticing smell and flavor. The sweet lemony flavors blend beautifully with the earthy taste of Kush. This fresh taste is attributed to the high amount of Limonene found in it. D-Limonene is found naturally in citrusy fruits and is used synthetically by many companies in their products to bring about a fresh aroma and smell. It smells as good as it tastes and if you get your hands on it one time, you are sure to come back for more.

The plant is tall with greenish buds all over. The nugget like buds have a whitish coating on the trichomes. The bud structure is dense and tightly packed which is typical of Indica plants. The resin within the buds is rather sticky and so it is tough to break them apart by hand. When the buds are cracked using a grinder, a special sweet and lemony scent releases and fills the air. This frosting covered on the buds is responsible for the uplifted and creative mood that comes on with lemon kush.

Lemon Kush can be grown easily by first time growers too. It is known to grow best in indoor conditions. When grown outdoors the plants will thrive in a warm and Mediterranean climate. The average height of the plant will be 4 to 6 feet tall with a bushy and Indica shape. The best way to grow lemon kush is in organic soil along with nutrient supplements like Vitamin B, humic acid and enzymes. The average flowering time is 8 to 10 weeks. They are harvested in the month of September and October. The plants need adequate ventilation and a good airflow in order to grow properly.

The yield of the plant is 35 ounces per plant when grown outdoors. The indoor yield is only 18 ounces per meter square. Lemon Kush is a generally low maintainance strain that will give you great yields provided the growing conditions are met with. When growing it you will be floored with its delicious flavors and smells that fill the air around. The potent buds smell very divine and offer a pleasant high.

Effects Of THC In Lemon Kush

Let us now understand how a smoke of lemon kush feels like. Lemon kush flavors are noticeable and harsh. The smoke at times expands within the lungs and brings on some amount of coughing. It has a tangy after taste. However the ammonia and diesel like tinge that is commonly seen in other lemon based strains is absent here. The effects of lemon kush are mainly because of its high THC level and the high that you can expect here is a relaxed and easy going one rather than a strong and stoned high.

The high from Lemon Kush begins slowly and takes upto 10 minutes to fully set in. Creativity flows and you begin to get newer ideas and your body begins to loosen up. There is a rapid free association of thoughts and this is what makes it a classic strain for artistic look outs and creative writing. It is a perfect choice for those who want to spice up their imaginative powers. Filmmakers, musicians and artists could make the most of it. The high levels of THC make it a very strong smoke and so it is recommended for experienced users. First time users should tread with caution so that they are not over dosed with its strong effects.

The effects of lemon kush on the mind are clearheaded and the user does not zone out or feel spacey. The couch lock feeling is absent here and so that you can have a smoke and still be up and about doing your daily chores. Lemon Kush is best enjoyed during the day or evening. Lemon Kush also has known to provide relief from headaches that are stress related and chronic. You will also end up feeling positive and more optimistic about life. One of the identified side effect or less desirable effect is dryness of mouth or cottonmouth.

Medical Uses Of Lemon Kush

There are a number of medical conditions where this strain is used and they are:

This vast scope of action makes lemon kush a perfect medical marijuana strain for patients all over the world. The doses required in such cases needs to be carefully assessed as you might need larger doses to heal these conditions.

Other ways of taking lemon kush apart from smoking it is tinctures, edibles and candies. Those who are looking up to this strain for mood disorders and depression need to tread with caution because lemon kush is a THC rich strain and sometimes excessive amounts of THC can lead to paranoia and anxiety. So when handling potent THC rich strains, exercise caution and use the doses in moderation. These tips will help you to avoid the negative effects of the strain.

It is very important to keep in mind that if you take marijuana then you alone are responsible for its effects. Hence be cautious about the dosage and the strain that you choose. When using it for medical benefits, always do so with the advice of a registered medical practitioner.

Get rid of Acute Gastritis with Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is a very useful medication in the treatment cancer or acute gastritis. It needs to be given in small doses as early as possible to get rid of the disease. Though medical marijuana is very useful in the treatment of several chronic diseases, it is also useful in getting rid of acute gastritis.

Symptoms of acute gastritis that are relieved with the use of medical marijuana:

  1.  Vomiting
  2.  Nausea
  3.  Abdominal pain
  4.  Loss of weight
  5. Diarrhea

Ways in which medical marijuana helps in getting rid of the common symptoms of acute gastritis:

1. Vomiting: Vomiting is usually caused because of the feeling of nausea. It could also be caused because of indigestion. The nausea feeling is prevented when medical marijuana is used. Similarly, when this medicine is used, it helps in improving body functions like digestion and thus vomiting is prevented.

2. Nausea: Nausea mainly occurs because of the disease process. It could occur also when the brain functions abnormally. In acute gastritis, nausea occurs mainly because of the inflammation in the gut. This prevents normal functioning of the digestive system. To get rid of nausea, small doses of medical marijuana need to be used on a regular basis.

3. Abdominal pain: Medical marijuana is a very effective pain killer and is commonly used in several chronic diseases. It is also effective in acute conditions where pain is a symptom. So, it is used as a treatment of acute gastritis. This medicine interferes with the pain pathway and relieves pain sensation.

4. Loss of weight: Loss of weight can occur rapidly in acute gastritis. This is because the affected person will not be able to eat any food because of nausea. Even if there is some food consumed, the person may vomit it out. So, when medical marijuana is used, it helps relieve nausea and vomiting. This helps the affected person to prevent loss of weight and instead gain weight.

5. Diarrhea: Diarrhea is a common problem in many patients suffering from acute gastritis. The main reason for diarrhea is that the consumption of foods can cause the ingestion of certain microorganisms and this can start an episode of diarrhea. The use of medical marijuana, which is a very effective bactericidal drug, will help in killing the various microorganisms that cause diarrhea.

The regular use of even small doses of medical marijuana will help in getting rid of acute gastritis. The only aspect that should be remembered by patients is the right strain of marijuana should be used to relieve acute gastritis.

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Marijuana and its beneficial effect on Anorexia

Anorexia is also canned as anorexia nervosa and is a disease where the affected person will lose weight drastically. The disease is partly psychological. The affected person will keep losing weight and they will not be able to eat any of the foods that are usually consumed. This can White Berry marijuana seedslead to severe loss of weight and can even be fatal of immediate treatment is not provided. Usually counseling and energy boosting drugs are given as treatment.

Marijuana has been shown to have a wonderful effect on the people who suffer from anorexia nervosa. This disease can be treated in many ways by medical marijuana as shown here.

  1. Boosts energy: When there is a boost in energy levels of a person, they are able to function at near normal levels. The main sign and symptom of the disease is that the person who is affected by this disease will not have any energy to function at an optimal level. The use of medical marijuana as treatment will ensure that the energy levels of the person are boosted. This will help the individual to function with their full strength and vigor.
  2. Reduces disease status: The other effect that marijuana has on the persoChrystal marijuanan who is suffering from anorexia nervosa is that it will reduce the effects of the disease. When the effects of the disease are reduced, it will help the person in eating more. The disease can cause the person to think of their weight constantly and it makes them pathological dieters. This means that they will diet so much that it can cause disease in them. Such mental disorders can be overcome by medical marijuana, mainly by boosting the mood of the affected person.
  3. Elevates mood: The mood of the affected person is boosted with the use of medical marijuana. Since the disease is caused by a problem of the mind, the mental affliction should be controlled and his is done by elevating the mood of the person. The depression, anxiety and stress of the person who is suffering from this disease are all removed with the use of medical marijuana. When their mood is boosted and elevated, it helps in boosting the chances of the person getting rid of the disease and increasing their weight.

Research has already been done on the effects of marijuana on anorexia nervosa. The results show that there is a definite increase in weight of the affected people after they have used a course of medical marijuana for four weeks.

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Marijuana – Excellent treatment to fight cancer

Cancer kills many thousands of people each year. It also causes a high rate of disability in many people. With increased morbidity and mortality being seen because of cancer, the search is heating up for finding a very safe and effective drug to fight this disease. Though many herbal therapies, alternate medicines have been tried, none of them are as effective like chemotherapy and radiation therapy in killing the cancer cells. For the first time, research has shown that medical marijuana may be as effective as chemotherapy in getting rid of this disease, but without the side effects.

There are several benefits that a cancer patient will get when medical marijuana is used. These benefits are listed here:

  1. Wonder Woman feminized marijuana

    Wonder Woman feminized marijuana – cancer free?

    Pain relief: Cancer is usually associated with pain. Pain can be present at the site of the tumor or it could be present in any other part of the body, where it is called as referred pain. Pain relief is possible with the use of medical marijuana.

  2. Inflammation prevention: Cancer spreads with any inflammatory reaction. Marijuana is an anti inflammatory drug. Since it fights against inflammation, medical marijuana helps in reducing the effects of cancer.
  3. Depression and other related problems: Depression, anxiety, increased stress are all present when a person suffers from cancer. These can be overcome with the use of marijuana. This drug helps in mood elation and also helps in increasing sleep in the affected people. Improved sleep will help in reducing stress and anxiety levels. Mood elevation can help in fighting against depression. So, those who are sad and feel helpless because of cancer can use small doses of marijuana to get rid of these problems of the mind associated with cancer diagnosis.
  4. Cancer cells: The cancer cells themselves can be reduced in size or killed effectively with the use of medical marijuana. The cancer cells are usually killed only with high doses of combination therapy. When marijuana is consumed, even in small doses, there is a marked change in the size of the tumor. The tumor becomes smaller and in some people, it can even completely disappear. This is why more research is being done to determine if this new medication fights and eliminates all kinds of cancers.

Medical marijuana seems to be a highly effective drug in the fight against cancer. Soon, it may replace all other drugs in the fight against cancer. Higher doses of the drug for a longer duration could lead to complete elimination of cancer in all those who suffer from this disease.